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Are you unhappy with the level of service and advice you have been receiving from your financial advisor? Is the performance on your account disappointing and do you feel that your financial advisor is not adding any value to you? Have you lost contact with your existing financial advisor?

A Fresh Start!

It might be time to make a change and start anew with Argentum. We are one of the largest firms providing financial planning and wealth management services to the expatriate community throughout the Asia-Pacific region. You can expect:

  • An overview and explanation of your accounts and what your options are
  • A top-down review of your current portfolios and recommendations for improvement
  • An experienced financial advisor to discuss your accounts with
  • Online viewing and regular valuations for your accounts
  • Administrative support to assist you with any questions or requests on your accounts, such as fund switches, withdrawals, premium changes, or address changes. Optional active portfolio management for your investments
  • A personal financial review to determine your needs and future goals
  • Access to additional services and solutions exclusive to Argentum clients
  • Ongoing reviews of your accounts and regular contact with your advisor
  • Continuing advice and support anywhere in the world

Transfer Accounts

If you have an investment plan, portfolio bond, or an insurance policy, we would be happy to assist you in the portfolio management and general servicing of your account(s). Switching to Argentum is simple, and there are no fees involved in transferring your accounts over.

Argentum Advisors

To find out more about how we can increase the potential for growth on your accounts and offer a higher level of advice and support, contact us today and an experienced Advisor will be in touch within 24 hours. Any initial consultation with us is free of charge.

Making a change is easy, just complete this Switch Financial Advisor Form then click the button below to send it through.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me with my existing investments?

If for any reason you find yourself in a situation where you are no longer in contact with your previous financial advisor or are simply not happy with the level of service or investment performance your existing advisor is providing we would be able to service and support you. We can easily transfer your accounts to be serviced by Argentum and at no additional cost.

How can I switch servicing to Argentum?

You can easily transfer servicing of your existing accounts over to Argentum just by signing a switch form, which we can forward to you by email. We will then be in contact with you to introduce your Argentum advisor who will then conduct a financial review, set up your online viewing and outline the ongoing servicing and benefits you can expect from Argentum.

Do you only work with expats in Japan?

Argentum is headquartered in Japan. We also have partner offices throughout the Asian region and travel extensively within the region to meet with clients on an ongoing basis. Many clients live internationally and have mobile careers which often sees them living and working in a number of different countries before returning to their home countries or retiring abroad.

Can I discuss my options over the phone?

For people who would like to take advantage of our services and for any reason are not able to meet face to face with an advisor we can arrange a phone meeting where by the advisor will conduct a remote financial review with you. We are able to fully service and support you remotely anywhere in the world and often travel to meet with clients throughout the Asia Pacific region.

What happens when I become a client?

As a client of Argentum your personal financial advisor will be in contact with you once every three months and will meet with you face to face at least once a year. Your advisor will respond to any enquiries within a 24 hour period. You will be able to track your accounts online, receive monthly market updates, quarterly valuations and general information in regards to new market opportunities. If you have chosen our Active Portfolio Management Service you will also receive updated recommendations for approval on a regular basis depending on markets and asset performance.