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Many people living and working internationally want to invest in property, but may not be aware that this is even an option available to them. We can help you find the right property whether it's in Japan or abroad, for investment or as your primary residence.

For clients living in Japan they are often looking to purchase properties to benefit from tax refunds they can claim against their income or they are looking to enjoy the higher yield and cash flow generated from owning an investment property.

Even if you think that qualifying for a mortgage in Japan or abroad will be difficult, either because you don't have permanent residency, or you live internationally, get in touch with us as there are options that are available to you.

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Properties in Japan

Understanding the real estate market in Japan is important before making that first step and buying a property. One of our bilingual real estate experts can explain the best ways to make money from investing in Japanese property. Even for people without permanent residency in Japan, we can source properties and arrange financing to suit your needs.

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Properties Abroad

We bring you a continuous selection of properties from around the world that will help you maximise capital appreciation and offer excellent yields. Working in conjunction with a number of global strategic partners, we offer you a personalised service to help you find your desired properties abroad.

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How does it work?

Japan's tax rates are among the highest in the world

Many investors look to real estate in Japan or abroad as a tool to reduce their Japanese taxes. Japans tax laws relating to how you can treat the depreciation in value of a building are complex but potentially a big tax saver for real estate investors. Depending on the type of structure and age of the building at aquisition, investors are able to write the acquisition costs and the buildings annual depreciation off their taxable income for a specified number of years. How you can benefit from this is pre-determined by the property or building you purchase which is why it is important to talk with an expert who can help you to source the right building for your tax planning needs. Our experts walk you through the best ways to reduce your annual income tax burden and receive substantial tax rebates.

Mortgages     &     Refinancing

Maximize your current and future property investments with our competitive mortgage options

Whether it’s a Japan-based or international mortgage that you need, Argentum Properties have the expertise to connect you with the right mortgage provider to ensure that you find the right lending solution. For people living in Japan, we can introduce properties and domestic lenders to you so you can have the type of property that you want. Any existing properties you own abroad and want to refinance at more competitive rates, or simply want to take equity out of your existing property to purchase another property, we have options available.

About Us

Argentum Properties

We specialize in creating wealth for clients through real estate and providing people who are living and working internationally with access to properties and lenders across the globe. We have been working on behalf of our clients for many years and we continue to support them on an ongoing basis with advice and with property management services. Let us help you achieve your investment goals or dream of owning your own home.

Argentum Properties is a subsidiary of Argentum Wealth Management, which was established in 2007 as an independent financial advisory firm providing financial planning and wealth management advice to foreign nationals living and working outside their home countries. Headquartered in Tokyo, we currently service over a thousand clients living in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Client Reviews and Testimonials

"I have been working with Argentum, with Lloyd as my personal advisor, for about 5 months now and I am very pleased with the outcome. Argentum provides great financial services for foreigners living in Asia. They were able to clearly explain solutions available for me, and answer all the questions I had to find the plan best suited for my needs. They work very closely with me, always available by email, on the phone or face to face. I highly recommend getting in touch with Argentum should you be interested in making your money work for you the best possible way."

Client from Morgan Stanley

"Martin is the best money manager and private wealth executive I have met in Asia. He is always very attentive, sincere and providing excellent advise for his clients. I am a very happy client."

John, Client

"Lloyd is details-orientated, careful and thorough, and he will adapt his advice to his clients' investment risk appetite."

Client from Toyota

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