Portfolio Management

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Peace of Mind

Argentum Portfolio Management Services are for people who prefer an experienced portfolio management team to track global market trends, fund performance, and find better alternatives or new investment opportunities for them. Our portfolio managers will select a diversified range of funds for your risk profile, covering a variety of asset classes, geographical regions, financial markets, and fund managers. Having a genuinely structured portfolio is often the key to growing your wealth while protecting your capital.

Personalized Service

Our services cover everything from portfolio management of individual accounts to wealth management of a variety of assets for high net worth individuals. We can tailor the level of service depending on your financial requirements and your investment objectives. If you already have an existing account with a different advisory firm and feel it is not performing as promised, please click here to learn how to switch management to Argentum.

Professional Management

The volatility in today’s financial markets makes the ongoing review of your portfolio as essential as the initial fund manager selection. Our portfolio managers are continually monitoring and reviewing client’s portfolios in regards to performance, levels of risk, current market conditions, and world events. Through this continuous and disciplined process, Argentum can act immediately on any investment risk in your portfolio before it becomes a future investment loss.

Structured Portfolio

Your Argentum Advisor is always available to you to discuss and explain the latest investment strategies recommended by our portfolio management team. Based on an assessment of your investment objectives, time frame, appetite for risk, and desired returns, the Advisor will recommend a structured portfolio suiting your needs. Our portfolios include some of the most renowned investment institutions and management groups in the world, such as Fidelity, Schroder, JP Morgan, PIMCO, BlackRock, and more.

Regular Updates

With Argentum Portfolio Management you benefit further from online portfolio viewing, regular reviews, and contact from your Advisor, frequent valuation updates, and market news explaining the latest market trends and the newest areas available for investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me with my existing investments?

If for any reason you find yourself in a situation where you are no longer in contact with your previous financial advisor or are simply not happy with the level of service or investment performance your existing advisor is providing we would be able to service and support you. We can easily transfer your accounts to be serviced by Argentum and at no additional cost.

Can Argentum manage any new investment for me?

For clients who would rather have their investments and portfolios managed for them we are able to take care of everything for you from A to Z. Based on your risk profile and growth targets we can recommend a personalised portfolio to you. We will then continue to monitor, manage and make on going recommendations to you via email or phone.

I already have an advisor. Why should I meet Argentum?

We recommend that you get a second opinion to make sure that you are getting the best performance, service and support from your existing advisor and to confirm you are making the most from your existing investments.

I’m not happy with my current financial advisory firm?

Please feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to arrange a meeting face to face or over the phone with you. We would initially conduct a financial questionnaire and review with you and then give you recommendations on your existing accounts. Once Argentum has been elected by you to be your preferred advisory company we will then be able to give you continuing ongoing service and support.

I like to manage my own investments.

For clients who want to manage their own investments we can give you access to a wide range of solutions that you wouldn’t be able to access to yourself. You would be able to manage many of these solutions directly online. We also offer portfolio management services where we take care of all and any admin for you.