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Most people start investing on a regular basis, putting their excess monthly income to work for them. Regular investing is something that everyone has access to regardless of their income level and current savings. If you’re an Expat, you may have many of your living expenses paid for by your company and may want to invest your surplus monthly income effectively and in a tax-efficient manner.

The Benefits

Investing part of your excess monthly income on a regular basis into mutual funds is how many people access the financial markets in order to spread their risk, increase their potential gains and accumulate capital they can use for their future. This is called ‘unit cost averaging’ which needs three elements to work: (1) a fixed investment amount, (2) invested on a regular basis, often monthly, (3) over a decided period of time, usually medium to long term. The only variable element is the financial markets, as they rise and fall through each economic cycle. By investing on a regular basis you’ll be able to average out the market’s performance during your investment’s life time. The longer you continue to regularly invest for the more your capital will compound and the greater your final returns will be. To learn more about funds, go to fund investments.

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Argentum can help you set up your own regular monthly investment strategy, designed around your personal needs. We will help you put your money to work so it can grow over the long term. Clients who want ongoing research and management on their portfolios can choose to benefit from Argentum’s Portfolio Management services. Please visit our Portfolio Management page for more details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a good time to invest in the markets?

With regular investment strategies, it is always a good time to invest because with regular investing the idea is to take timing the markets out of the equation. The question is not whether it is a good time to invest, but are you actively investing.

Should I wait until the markets are less volatile?

With regular investing the objective is to use the volatility in the markets to your advantage and take out the need to time the markets. As the market falls in value one month you are purchasing more for the same amount, as the markets rise in value you purchase less. Over time you’ll average out the markets, and reduce the overall risk in your investment.

Can Argentum service my investments for me?

For clients who would rather have their investments and portfolios managed for them we are able to take care of everything for you from A to Z. Based on your risk profile and targeted annual growth we will recommend a portfolio to you. We will then continue to monitor, manage and make up-to-date recommendations to you via email or phone. Once you have confirmed any changes we are then able to make all necessary changes for you.

What are the minimums I can invest monthly?

We work with a wide range of international Fortune 500 companies, each with solutions to suit your budget. We have solutions you can use to invest as little or as much as you’d like.

Do you only work with financial institutions in Japan?

The majority of the account solutions we recommend to clients are based internationally allowing for tax benefits, portability, protection, security and confidentiality.