Regular Investments

Many people might not have a future investment objective in mind and simply want to look at options for investing today on a regular basis in order to start putting their excess monthly income to work for them. Regular investing is something that everyone has access to regardless of their income level and current savings. If you’re an Expat living and working abroad you may have many of your living expenses paid for by your company and simply want to invest your surplus monthly income effectively and in a tax efficient manner.

Investing on a regular basis reduces your overall risk exposure to the markets and takes away the need to time the markets. This is called the ‘cost averaging effect’ or ‘unit cost averaging’ which needs three elements to work: (1) a fixed investment amount, (2) invested on a regular basis, often monthly, (3) over a decided period of time, usually a number of years. The only variable element is the financial markets, as they rise and fall through each economic cycle. By investing on a regular basis you’ll be able to average out the market’s performance during your investment’s life time.

Why is it called “unit cost averaging”? The term unit refers to what are often called unit trusts or mutual funds. These funds are professionally managed, regulated, collective investment vehicles that pool money from many investors to invest into the financial markets. Mutual funds enable you to build a diversified portfolio through access to a wide range of geographical regions and asset classes such as equities, bonds, property, hedge, commodities, currencies, emerging markets and more. To learn more about funds go to fund investments.

Investing part of your excess monthly income on a regular basis into mutual funds is how many people access the financial markets in order to spread their risk, increase their potential gains and accumulate capital they can use for their future.

Argentum can advise and provide you with a regular monthly savings strategy, designed around your financial needs. Helping you to put your money to work and give you the opportunity to build and accumulate wealth over the medium to long term. To learn more about our services and how you can become an Argentum client, contact us today.

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