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Too Much Cash

A lump sum or capital investment is when you have a surplus of cash that has accumulated either on deposit or through annual bonuses, that you would like to place at one time into the global capital markets. Speaking with an advisor will give you access to solutions and information about the latest market trends, make sure you can maximize growth and returns in a wide range of markets and new areas of investment.

Our Expertise

Lump-sum strategies and portfolios require market research and detailed information in regards to when and where to place your capital. To be effective, lump-sum investments need a sum of money invested over a medium-term period or longer. Investing with a longer time frame maximizes returns and growth while minimizing the volatility and risk of your capital. With access to your capital from day one, lump-sum investments allow you more flexibility on when and how you will use this money in the future.

Make Money

Many clients may want to protect their cash holdings against the risk of inflation and the rising cost of goods and services and enjoy higher returns than they are currently getting from their bank. Other clients may choose to put their money to work for them now, as they may want to purchase a property in the future but are not yet sure where or when they are going to settle down or need the capital for investment.

Portfolio Management

At Argentum, we can advise and give you access to a wide range of lump sum solutions that will best suit your investment criteria and needs. Clients who want ongoing research and management on their portfolios can choose to benefit from Argentum’s Portfolio Management services. Please visit our Portfolio Management page for more details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is a good time to invest a lump sum?

This really depends on your risk profile, your investment horizon, and a variety of other factors. We recommend you meet with an advisor who can explain the options available to you. Your advisor will also be able to give you ongoing support and advice on your portfolio, helping you stay ahead of the market so that you don’t miss the next big market moves.

What investments can I access with a lump sum?

You may have an almost unlimited choice of assets and funds to choose from. Many vehicles are able to hold direct bonds and shares, mutual funds, hedge funds, ETFs, and more. We recommend you meet with an advisor who can explain the range of suitable options for your individual circumstances and profile.

What is a reasonable time frame for a lump sum investment?

A lump sum investment strategy should have a time frame of at least three to five years to be effective. The longer you remain invested, the greater opportunity for returns and growth while minimizing your exposure to volatility in the capital markets.

Why should I invest a lump sum?

A lump sum investment allows you to maximize the compounding effect and potential growth on your capital. Also, by placing your existing capital into the markets now, rather than later or over a period of time, you will reduce the opportunity costs on your money.

Can Argentum service my investments for me?

For clients who would rather have their investments and portfolios managed for them we are able to take care of everything for you from A to Z. Based on your risk profile and targeted annual growth we will recommend a portfolio to you. We will then continue to monitor, manage and make up-to-date recommendations to you via email or phone. Once you have confirmed any changes we are then able to make all necessary changes for you.