Offshore Tax Planning

Living and working abroad can open the door to offshore tax planning opportunities that would not be available to you while residing in your home country. Today, as more professionals find themselves spending a significant part of their careers overseas, it is important to make sure you are taking advantage of all the opportunities available to you.

One of the benefits of having offshore domiciled investments is the potential tax savings and tax management options they can provide. Offshore investing can mean that income from savings and investments can grow tax free, depending on your country of residence and nationality. Depending on a number of factors, offshore banking can also provide tax savings when it comes to inheritance and capital gains taxes or death duties. Offshore strategies may make it possible to manage the repatriation of your assets efficiently when returning to your home country.

Having holdings offshore allows you to centralize your assets in one location, and manage and maintain those holdings whilst residing anywhere in the world. An additional benefit is gaining access to a greater range of investments than what may be available to you in your country of residence or home country. Many foreign nationals live and work for periods of time in countries with languages and banking practices that restrict their ability to effectively and safely manage their investments and wealth, making offshore centers a practical and ideal solution for their needs.

Offshore financial centers can also provide a very high level of confidentiality, security and stability. Established centers like the Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey enjoy a very stable political environment, a high level of financial stability, regulation, and investor protection. Other offshore financial centers include Switzerland, Luxembourg, Hong Kong and various islands in the Caribbean.

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