Companies & Groups

Working and living internationally can open up business opportunities that you often wouldn’t be able to take advantage of back home. We find that many people who are living abroad are much more likely to set up or run their own businesses and may operate a start-up, a small consultancy, a language school or a small to medium sized company. Entrepreneurs, once their businesses become established or start to generate a certain degree of wealth, then find themselves needing advice and support in a wide range of areas, from restructuring their businesses more effectively to offering international group benefits to employees. This is where we can offer you our advice and experience in appropriate solutions and support for your current and future business needs.

Company Structures & Solutions

Depending on each individual client, we are able to facilitate the setting up and managing of offshore companies, holding companies, trusts and other structures to meet your specific personal or business needs. Typically these needs would include tax planning, wealth protection, foreign property ownership and facilitating cross-border business transactions.

We advise on a wide variety of structures for clients based all over the world and can tailor structured solutions for your company or your individual needs. We work with a wide range of specialists offering knowledge and experience covering areas such as: professional law, accountancy, property and portfolio management. The majority of our clients are individuals, expatriates, entrepreneurs, freelance consultants, private investors, or wealthy persons and their families.

Group Schemes for Employees

If you are a small or medium sized company that wants to provide your foreign employees with group retirement, life insurance or health insurance schemes we can design and manage a group solution for your business and employee’s needs.

If you are like many foreigners in Asia who started teaching English and decided to take the next step and start your own language school or company, and are now at a point where you would like to offer your foreign staff a broader range of benefits, we can help.

If you are part of an international company and are managing a country branch office in the Asia Pacific Region and want to outsource the provision of additional employee financial benefit packages to your foreign staff, we can help.

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