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Small Business Owners

Many of our clients are entrepreneurial-minded business owners. They may operate a start-up, a small consultancy, a language school or a small to medium-sized company. As their businesses grow, owners find themselves in need of advice on a wide range of areas, such as how to best structure their pay packages, manage investments, and offer group benefits to their staff. Argentum advisors can lend our expertise, helping you grow your business and wealth.

Company Structures

Where appropriate, we can help establish and maintain a family office through structures such as holding companies and trusts that will suit your personal and business needs. Typically, these needs include investment and portfolio management, tax planning, wealth protection, foreign property ownership, next-generation and succession planning, asset consolidation, and facilitating cross-border business transactions.

A family office can help you manage your corporate holding structure, personal investment structures and assist you in setting up other wealth planning structures such as family foundations or family trusts.

Group Schemes for Employees

If you are running a small or medium-sized company and want to provide your staff with group retirement, life insurance or health insurance plans, we can help design and manage a group solution for that will work for your business.

Whether you have a small business such as a language school, or you are managing a country branch office in the Asia Pacific Region, Argentum can help you establish the right benefit plans to keep your staff happy and keep your business growing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can my business benefit from group solutions?

Giving your staff a range of financial benefits with their employment package will keep your business competitive and help you to retain staff over the medium to long term. This will also reduce any concerns your staff have over their financial future and make for a happier work place.

Is there a minimum staff size for group solutions?

As all our group solution packages are designed around your organisation and unique requirements we can offer corporate solutions for one or a number of employees.

What are the advantages of international employee benefit packages?

For many foreign owned or managed companies in countries where there are no traditional private banking services or where foreign employees only intend to reside in the country temporarily portable internationally based solutions are ideal.

What group expat solutions are available?

We have a wide range of group solutions for foreign nationals and the best thing is to contact us directly to get a better idea of how we can help you, your staff and your company.

Would there be a fee before proposing a company solution?

Any initial consultation with your company would be free of charge. Depending on each companies specific requirements we would then design a strategy and group solution for your company.