Financial Planning

Financial planning services to help you achieve your dreams & goals

Financial Planning

A solid financial plan is the bedrock of your finances. It helps you understand your current financial position, have a clear picture of your future goals and makes sure that you are doing what is needed to stay on track to achieve those goals.

Our advisors will be able to assist you in every step of the financial planning process, starting with a personal financial review. During the review, the advisor will ask you several questions to get a better understanding of your where you are today financially, where you want to be in the future, and what will be needed to get you there.

The Solution

The next step is to design a personal action plan that will help you get moving in the right direction. Most financial planning strategies cover areas such as retirement, children’s education, investments, portfolio management, property & mortgages, family protection, trusts & estate planning as well as any other areas that are a financial priority for you.

Working together with the world’s largest investment institutions and banks, we can recommend solutions to you that match your personal needs and requirements. Many of these institutions would not be accessible to you through other financial advisory firms.

Dedicated Advisor

Continuous financial planning is part of our ongoing service and support commitment to clients. You will have regular reviews with your advisor that take into account any changes in your circumstances and finances, ensuring that you are always on track to meet your future financial goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a financial review?

Most people don’t take the time to step back from their day to day routine and take an overall look at their financial goals and plans. Regardless of what your income level is and what your future aspirations might be, you will need to have a solid plan to achieve your goals. A financial review is an opportunity to sit down with a professional financial planner who can help you get a clear picture of where you are, and also advise you on what is realistically possible to achieve in the future.

How long does an initial financial review take?

An initial financial review can take between 30 to 50 minutes, depending on how many questions you may ask and the complexity of your current financial situation and needs and priorities.

Do I need to pay for an initial review?

An initial review is free, and in meeting with a financial advisor there are no future financial obligations or requirements to become a client. We offer quality financial advice, and all the information you need to decide whether you would like to become a client of Argentum.

How often will my advisor meet with me once I’m a client?

Your personal advisor will be in contact with you throughout the year, and you will also be able to contact your advisor at any time with any questions or concerns. Usually your advisor will meet with you to conduct a full review of your personal finances and accounts annually, however we are available to meet with clients face to face on request or when required.

Will my personal information remain confidential?

Any personal information disclosed during your financial review will be used solely for the purpose of offering financial advice specific to your personal needs. Your information will remain strictly confidential at all times and will not be shared with non relevant third parties. For more information, please see our privacy policy.