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More professionals are spending their careers and retirement abroad and so having access to international financial advice and expertise has become essential. Many people simply want to take advantage of higher earnings whilst working aboard with a firm specializing in international solutions and able to support them from anywhere in the world. Others may have lived their whole lives in one country but simply want access to international investments to diversify their risk, and have greater investment choice.

Argentum Wealth Management provides investment advice to a varied number of clients many of whom originally came from the US, Canada, Latin America, the UK, France and Germany as well as India, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan, China, Korea, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, and more.

A large number of our clients are professional individuals working in a range of fields such as finance, banking, technology, law, accounting, engineering, manufacturing, medicine and education. We work with people who are looking to start building their future wealth, as well as people who have reached their financial goals and are looking for advice on how to manage and protect their wealth in a tax efficient manner.

Whether you’ve just started your career, recently become married, had your first child, or your children are now grown up and you are looking towards securing a comfortable retirement, we have the solutions and expertise for you.

At Argentum, we look to build a personalized, long lasting relationship between you and your advisor. Many of our existing clients have been using our services for years, and we continue to help and support them with advice and solutions as their needs change over time, wherever they may be.

To learn more about our services and how you can become an Argentum client, contact us today.

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