Corporate Social Responsibility


Putting our clients at the center of everything we do is a priority for Argentum. But we recognize we have further to go, and it is a key focus for improvement this and every year. We want to provide solutions and services that our clients need and that fit seamlessly into their lives. We are investing in technology and support staff to enhance their experience and maintain our high standards of service and care.


We want to create an environment at Argentum that allows everyone to fulfill their potential. This is why we prioritize our employees’ mental health, support their well being and recognize the importance of being able to work flexibly. We want a diverse and inclusive workforce that values individuals and their contribution. This allows us to better represent our clients and the communities we serve.


We have a responsibility to invest in the long-term prosperity of the local communities where we operate. We back initiatives that support responsible business, and contribute to disaster relief efforts based on need. In addition, we provide a variety of volunteering opportunities for our employees.

Charity Events and Volunteer Programs

The Financial Industry in Tokyo (FIT) For Charity is an event that provides donations to organizations that cannot secure sufficient operating funds directly due to issues such as lack of awareness, despite being well established in their regions, and performing meaningful social activities. Moreover, FIT For Charity is intended to be a powerful expression of the financial industry’s collective commitment to making a positive contribution to the community, to foster teamwork within firms and to build relationships across the industry.

In 2018 we supported the Subaru360life Team from Japan with the goal of donating much-needed stationary supplies to a local primary school in Senegal. The Budapest-Bamako Rally keeps the flame of trans-Saharan driving adventures alive. For those who’ve dreamed about the Paris-Dakar Rally in the Sahara and hitting the open dirt under extreme circumstances this is now the ultimate adventure rally. The start is not Paris, the finish is not Dakar, the costs are not the same, but the experience and the spirit of adventure has not changed.

Many refugees have had to run for their lives to find a place of safety. Together with like-minded organizations we ran to support them. Supporting this event helps to put smiles back on children’s faces and stay fit and healthy in the process.

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