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The Road Ahead

Unfortunately, it’s too often the case that people are doing too little to meet their retirement targets or are simply doing nothing at all. Many people living internationally might not have access to private pensions or are forced into contributing to state pension schemes they will never be able to access.

With national pensions suffering from large funding deficits and company retirement plans continuing to offer reduced levels of benefit to their employees, you have to ask: who is going to pay your retirement income? Who is going to secure your financial future?

Today you can’t rely on anybody but yourself to secure your financial future or an income during your retirement years. Even the ability to reach your future retirement lifestyle goals will become increasingly difficult every month you fail to take action and could eventually become unattainable.

Your Targets

The first step is to realize what your future goals and targets are and how much you need to be putting away to achieve those targets. Talking with an Argentum Advisor will help you determine what retirement goals you should be targeting based on your circumstances and how you can most effectively use your surplus income today to meet those goals.

Private Pensions

We specialize in providing solutions to foreign nationals living and working abroad with mobile careers and the need for portable international retirement solutions. Our advisors will consider your nationality and current tax treatment in recommending tax-efficient investment solutions to you.

US Nationals

We can open US onshore accounts for US nationals and non-US nationals, a service only available through Argentum if you currently reside in Japan. If you have received a request by your current US brokerage to immediately transfer or close your account because you live in Japan, we can help. Argentum can quickly facilitate a new US brokerage account and manage that portfolio for you. If you need to rollover a 401K, an IRA, or a Roth IRA, we have options. We can also advise on international US pension solutions that are US Qualifying and would give you tax-efficient distributions at early retirement age.

British Nationals

Anyone who has lived and contributed to a UK based pension can benefit from transferring and consolidating their existing UK pension schemes into a SIPPs or Self Invested Personal Pension. The main benefits are to protect the value of your pension from any scheme changes that might be imposed by your previous employer; consolidating a number of pensions into one private pension reduces the fees you are paying; a greater range of investments options and control over how your pension is invested; being able to pass on the full value of your pensions to your spouse without any reduction in benefits. One of our Advisors would be happy to explain more about the benefits and how you can get more control and value from your UK pensions at an earlier age.

Australian Nationals

We have solutions that would allow you to take advantage of recent amendments to tax rules in Australia enabling you to receive investment gains back home free of income or capital gains tax.

Whatever your nationality an international personal private pension is how most people today plan to cover any gaps in their retirement needs.

Before meeting one of our advisors, feel free to run through some scenarios yourself with our retirement calculator.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I worry about retirement?

Retirement is the largest and most expensive financial commitment you will have to prepare for in your life. Many foreign nationals living and working overseas receive higher salaries but often at the expense of benefits such as a pension. Living abroad often requires you to replace these benefits with private solutions.

I’m still young and isn’t my retirement a long way off?

The cost of saving for retirement is dependent on how many years you have until you plan to retire. This is due to the compound interest you earn every year on your investments. Less years to retirement means less time for your investments to compound and grow, hence you need to put more money away. The sooner you start the cheaper it is and the more likely you are to meet your goals.

How can Argentum help me reach retirement?

Our advisors will help you to evaluate your future goals and achieve your financial retirement targets using tailored solutions. Once these solutions are in place your Argentum advisor and our servicing team will continue to manage and take care of your ongoing needs.

I don’t plan to retire, I like working.

Many people today see themselves continuing to work well into their later years. However, because your health and ability to stay employed are out of your control, people want to be financially independent in at some point in their future. This is usually in case they are unable to earn a living due to poor health or labour market constraints in their later years. It is always a good idea to have a nest egg.

What are QROPs, QNUPs and SIPPs pension solutions?

Many people who have worked in the UK for a number of years may still have suspended and locked pension investments held with previous employers. QROPs, QNUPs and SIPPs are different pension solutions that allow you to consolidate and transfer your UK pensions into international qualifying pension schemes giving you greater control and the freedom to choose your own investments and access the funds earlier.