Complaint Procedures

At Argentum we pride ourselves on the high level of service we provide to clients on an ongoing basis. As a licensed advisory firm we have strict quality and compliance controls as well as regulated procedures for handling complaints.

If you have a complaint we recommend that you first contact us directly at Argentum or your advisor directly. We will then look to resolve any issue or complaint with you directly. You can email or call us to speak with a Complaints Officer.

We will be in contact with you immediately to offer a solution and explain how we will resolve the situation.

ADR Handling Procedures

Argentum’s Complaint Officers: Mr. Danon, Mr. Zotta
Contact Complaint Officers: +81-(0)3-5549-9099
Email Complaint Officers:

If for any reason you are still not happy with the outcome and how we have offered to resolve the situation you are able to contact an independent third party who will act as an arbitrator to make an additional ruling. The third party arbitrator will only deal with your complaint if you have already given notice to Argentum and allowed them a reasonable amount of time to find an agreeable solution to any complaint.

However, a third party arbitrator cannot give personal advice about financial matters and they would not deal with complaints regarding the way a specific investment has performed. If they feel that Argentum has already dealt with you fairly and to the best of their abilities they will tell you.

As Argentum is a member of the Japan Investment Advisers Association, any unresolved disputes would be handled and decided upon by them as an independent arbitrator.

In any situation where you have a complaint we recommend that you first contact us directly at Argentum to help and offer an appropriate resolution.

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