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Yamaguchi T.


Julius G.

Argentum Wealth Management is a reputable and trust worthy firm especially for those persons who are busy managing their careers with little time to dedicated to financial planning and wealth management. Would highly recommend giving Argentum due consideration over other firms in the market place.

Owen Z.

I’ve had a good experience with Argentum Wealth Management team. They’ve offered me some varieties of financial investment opportunities and remained in close contact with me throughout the investment period. I would recommend them to my friend if needed.

Richard S.

As someone used to managing his own finances and skeptical of the value of advisers, it is their “light touch” balanced with solid advice that I appreciate. Running into Lloyd at a British Chamber event also gave me confidence early on that he is well established and respected in the expat community here in Tokyo.

Alan W.

I found Jack Lowe to be extremely helpful. I had no idea about finance management and he explained everything very clearly. He’s a true professional and I strongly recommend using Argentum Wealth.

Ryuichiro N.

Argentum was able to offer advice on tax reduction strategies, combined with a great real – estate investment which in turn led to sound retirement investment advice. I recommend them for anyone looking for professional financial planning, investment, and property advice.

Carol H.

Argentum is attentive and informative. Lloyd truly listens to my plans and goals and gives sound advice. He’s checking in regularly without harassing and always follows up even on the smallest curiosity. I am so glad I started working with Argentum and better prepare for my future and my family’s future.

Dave M.

Great service. Started working with Argentum when I lived and worked in Tokyo and from the beginning everything has been smooth, the quarterly reports are very clear, and importantly they are nearly always good news and if there is a shift in the market affecting my accounts Martin is quick to let me know.